KLM Ashtray *Engels*

Over alles wat een KLM logo draagt.
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KLM Ashtray *Engels*

Bericht door fish » 29-11-2011 20:37

Hello to everyone at the KLM Historie forum. Firstly I apologise for writing in English, however my Dutch is not very good. I hope you can offer me some help.

I found an old KLM ashtray in my house and was wondering if it was of any interest to collectors of KLM memorabilia.

The ashtray dates from at least the 1960s (judging from the old KLM Logo) and is in perfect condition. I can't post an image, but the ashtray features the letters KLM in a circle with the old 'winged' logo above that. The ashtray has blue lines running in the background with the words "Royal Dutch Airlines" printed inside the circle also.

Does anyone think this is worth anything to collectors? If so then where would I be able to get in touch with them?

Thank You!

Heel erg bedankt!

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Bericht door TheFlyingDutchman » 05-12-2011 21:04


Thanks for your message.
Given the winged KLM logo the ashtray is from a period before the '60's
Probably '50's.
If the item is in good condtion, it might indeed have some value for collectors.
But with this it is a matter of what a collector is willing to pay and what the owner wants for it.

If you try sites like E-bay and the like, you might be surprised what can happen with the bids...

Good luck! (if you want to sell the item that is...)

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